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d on China and ASEAN to uphold multilateralism and free trade, resist risks and realize common development at the 22nd China-ASEAN (10+1) leaders' meeting in Bangkok.Since China and ASEAN established dialogue relations, they h▓ave brought benefits to each other and the wider region, Li said, adding that China always supports ASEAN's central role in Ea

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st Asian cooperation.Noting that the mounti▓ng downward pressure on the global economy brings new severe challenges, ▓Li said China and ASEAN coun

tries should jointly uphold multilate▓ralism and free trade, withstand risks and realize common development.The premier said China and ASEAN countries should stick to the prin

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ciple of shared benefits and win-win outcomes, and speed up the work to upgrade economic and trade cooperation.He called for an ea▓rly conclusion

of the negotiations on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) so as to lay the foundation for East Asia's economic integration, and the implementation of the China-ASEAN Fre▓e Trade Area Upgrade Protocol to promote trade and investment liberalization and facilitation.Li said China and ASEAN countries should en▓hance strategic mutual trust and safeguard peace and ▓st

unday called on China and ASEA N to uphold multilateral ism a▓nd free trade, resi st risks and rea lize common development at the 22nd Ch▓ ina-ASEAN (10+1) leade rs' meeting in Bangkok.Li ur ges China, ASEAN to uphold multilateralism, free tradeLi urges China, ASEAN to uphold multilater alism, free trad e11-04-2019 09:53 BJ TBANGKOK, Nov. 3 -- Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Sunday calle 方山县5G 大洼县wap 古交市wap 邵武市wap 邵武市wap 汉寿县5G 舞钢市5G 哈尔滨市5G 宜州市5G 江门市5G 南靖县5G 道孚县5G 万盛区5G 上蔡县5G 永和县wap 阿拉善右旗5G 商丘市5G 津市市5G 广南县5G 昔阳县wap 变态传奇私服开服网 九彩传奇私服发布网站 传奇私服教学 传奇私服网站新开网站 变态传奇私服开服网 传奇私服免费泡点脚本 传奇私服完整版客户端 虎牙传奇私服直播间 问天横扫千军传奇私服 1.95合击传奇私服网